Improve your Skills

The integration exam is only the first step towards a good career and a good life in the Netherlands. For almost every job you need a higher level than A2, which is the level that is obtained by passing the integration exam. You need the diploma Staatsexamen I (level B1) or Staatsexamen II (level B2) to be admitted to an education at an mbo school, or an hbo school or university.

From A2 to B1 or B2

En nu Nederlands language school offers intensive courses for people who have passed the integration exam and would like to continue to learn Dutch. With us, you can improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills or prepare extensively for the state exam (Staatsexamen). We have a broad experience in coaching students towards level B1 or B2.

Only speaking?

For some people the integration diploma suffices, but they would like to learn how to speak better. This goal can be achieved through an extra speaking course. Others need to improve other specific skills, such as reading or writing and yet others need to work on their pronunciation.

Or pronunciation?

People from Asia for example often struggle with the pronunciation of the typically Dutch sounds and therefore Dutch native speakers have dificulties understanding them.

En nu Nederlands can help you with all your lanuage related problems. The teachers have taught people from all over the world and therfore have experience with many specific language problems.


En nu Nederlands is meant for people with a higher education who have recently arrived in the Netherlands, or who want to learn Dutch or improve their language skills. We organise courses and workshops at any requested level. With that we offer excellent conditions:

With that we offer excellent conditions:

  • You can start at any moment
  • You get intensive coaching
  • The groups are small and have two teachers
  • You pay a clear price
  • The teachers ar very experienced and work according the latest insights
  • The location is situated in central Arnhem and easily accesible