Prices and procedures

People who are required to integrate receive two to four hours of classes per week. After a test and intake interview they are advised to prepare for the integration exam or the state exam. 

People who are looking to improve their language level receive two four-hour classes per week. After an intake interview and a test, a programme is set out and an appropriate method is acquired.

How much?

The cost of a nine-week course is 1100 euros. In exchange for which the participant gets taught by two teachers. The group consists of at least six persons and gets split when there are twelve. There are no classes during school holidays. However, there are workshops during those weeks.

How long?

A highly educated participant can be prepared for the integration diploma in 18 weeks. State Exam Programme I will take a further two times 9 weeks and State Exam Programme II then takes another two times 9 weeks thereafter. Altogether 54 weeks. Sometimes additional exam training is required. The KNM (Knowledge of Dutch Society) and ONA (Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market) parts are integrated into the classes from A2 to B1. The ONA portfolio is discussed individually. Separate ONA courses are also available.

En Nu Nederlands opts for a solid, complete method which allows you to keep going from home, behind your computer. These books and internet licences are included in the price. Not included are the exams.

No Money?

The government offers people on low incomes the option to loan money from the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO – Education Executive Agency). They are given 10 years to repay their loan. Which works out at 20 euros per month. We can help with applications for this loan. More information is available at

Who monitors us?

To qualify for a loan you are required to take language classes at a language school with a quality mark. We have the Blik op werk quality mark, see We are monitored and inspected. The success rate and the satisfaction of our students are the two monitoring criteria. 

En nu Nederlands is meant for people with a higher education who have recently arrived in the Netherlands, or who want to learn Dutch or improve their language skills. We organise courses and workshops at any requested level. With that we offer excellent conditions:

With that we offer excellent conditions:

  • You can start at any moment
  • You get intensive coaching
  • The groups are small and have two teachers
  • You pay a clear price
  • The teachers ar very experienced and work according the latest insights
  • The location is situated in central Arnhem and easily accesible