Vision and mission

En nu Nederlands language school was founded in 2013. We aim to give everyone who lives in or around Arnhem but does not master Dutch an opportunity to learn this language. We view language and communication as a bridge towards participation and integration and the key to being accepted and social success.


At the same time we know how difficult it is to learn a new language at an adult age. Our innate ability to learn multiple languages is flexible until we are about 12 years old. After that age it becomes increasingly difficult to learn a new language to an advanced level and it is even more difficult for pepole who have had little or no education in their home country.
As teacher we experience this every day. As complex and frustrating as the process of learning a second language may be for those who are obliged to do it, and for those who wish to progress faster, we will do everything that's in our ability to make learning fun.

Library and films

We choose the best methods, fast computers and an attractive location in Arnhem, well accesible by public transport. This location is home base for anyone who wants to learn the Dutch language. Lessons take place there, students work individually at the computers or sit down with a cup of tea or coffee to read a book or magazine from our library. In addition, students can partipate in movie night ans special workshops that are organised during school holidays.


En nu Nederlands is meant for people with a higher education who have recently arrived in the Netherlands, or who want to learn Dutch or improve their language skills. We organise courses and workshops at any requested level. With that we offer excellent conditions:

With that we offer excellent conditions:

  • You can start at any moment
  • You get intensive coaching
  • The groups are small and have two teachers
  • You pay a clear price
  • The teachers ar very experienced and work according the latest insights
  • The location is situated in central Arnhem and easily accesible